Beet Power Smoothie

I LOVE making smoothies. They’re easy to make and take on-the-go.  They are healthy and delicious for breakfast. And let’s face it, they’re trendy. Green smoothies were all the rage in 2015, but the color palette is changing, ladies and gents..

If you’re reading this post and thinking “eww beets”  ….then read no further.  But , if you do adore beets (like myself), then please, continue on!


Beets are known as a ‘superfood’.  Why?  Well, thats simple. Beets are:

  • an anti -oxidant
  •  good for your mental health,  contain betain–> helps with depression
  •  low in calories, good in carbs and supplies the right kind of energy
  •  high in vitamin c, fiber, and other essentials like potassium
  • helpful in reducing cholesterol

Long- story- short, beets are excellent for your health, so learn to like them!

I’m a fan of fresh pressed juices but I spend way too much money them.. I’ve decided to cut back on my juice spending habits by simply making my own version.. I do not have a juicer, but with a seriously good blender, you can make a smoothie that isn’t too thick. After several trials I realized the secret: use beet juice instead of fresh beets. This works best because beets are difficult to make SMOOTH and if you’re goal is to make a smoothie, the last thing you want is chunks of beets in your concoction…  So here it goes! If you want to substitute pineapple for mango or berries, go for it!


  •  1 cup 100% beet juice
  • 2/3 cup frozen sliced mango
  • handful spinach
  • 1 tb chia seeds (optional)
  • 1/2 cup almond milk


  1. Place almond milk in blender first
  2. Add fruit/vegetables. Blend
  3.  Begin adding beet juice while blending. Add more beet juice. Keep blending
  4.  Finish by adding chia seeds

*If smoothie is too thick then add more beet juice or almond milk

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